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Facebook Rolls Out Custom Audience Sharing … Whaaat?

Custom audience sharing? For real?

Facebook quietly rolled a crazy new feature out of beta last week ... custom audience sharing!

Quickly, in case you are fuzzy about custom audiences, a custom audience is just Facebook terminology for a list. So in Infusionsoft, for example, we use tags or Saved Searches to make lists. In Active Campaign, we use lists and tags. Same with MailChimp, etc.


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5 Powerful CRM Retargeting Ideas You Should Steal

Very, very excited to have my article, 5 Powerful CRM Retargeting Ideas You Should Steal, published on yesterday.

The editors of Inbound were as thorough as my book publisher! LOL!

But I guess that is why Inbound is held in such high regard. They don't take just anything and they make sure what they publish is highest quality.

In the article, I give an overview of CRM retarg...

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[Infusionsoft Hack] Add Infusionsoft Contact ID To 3rd Party Data

How To Add Infusionsoft Contact ID to Excel File

Imagine you have data from somewhere other than Infusionsoft that you want to add to existing Infusionsoft contact records. To do that, you use Infusionsoft's Data Cleanup function. Then 'Modify Existing Records'.

The challenge is, to update a record, Infusionsoft requires the Contact Id. And because this is data from somewhere other than Inf...

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Tell Me About You …

I know your time is precious ... which is why I am asking you to complete this simple survey.

The more I can understand about you and the challenges you face in your business, the more relevant and valuable resources I can provide to you.

So, it would mean a great deal to me (and help you), if you would take five minutes to fill out this survey ...


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3 Actions You Should Take Today As A Result Of Facebook’s Latest Coup

Facebook recently released their earnings report for Q1 2016 and absolutely crushed analyst's expectations.

This at a time when everyone else in their space (read Google, Twitter, etc) disappointed and had their shares punished.

While we, as small business marketers, don't really care about most of what was in their earning report or call with analysts, there are a few take-aways that I tho...

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How To Advertise On Facebook

Wondering How To Advertise On Facebook?

People ask me all the time how to get started with Facebook advertising. And I have two coaching clients I am leading through the process right now ... Here is what I recommend.

Step #1 - Go through Facebook's free course called Facebook Blueprint

Step #2 - Listen to the Perpetual Traffic Podcast from the beginning

Step #3 - Join Digital Markete...

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