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Why Sync2CRM Is Best Infusionsoft ⇄ Facebook Integration

Why Sync2CRM Is Best Infusionsoft by Keap ⇄ Facebook Integration

Over the weekend, it occurred to me I have been pretty quiet about our Sync2CRM app over the last few months.

So, lest you think we haven’t been doing anything with it, let me give you an update and invite you to an Ask Me Anything over in the Facebook Group tomorrow …

What We Have Been Working On …

For the last several months, we have been pouring time (and money) into making Sync2CRM the most robust and reliable option for syncing Infusionsoft and Facebook ad data.

Why so long and so much time for something so … ..

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Facebook Lead Ads Custom Field Mapping with Infusionsoft

New Features in February Release of Sync2CRM

We have just released new features in Sync2CRM that we think you will really benefit from …

– We have changed our free trial period for new users from 7 DAYS TO 30 DAYS. We want you to have ample time to implement the software and see its value.

– We added advanced Lead Ads Field Mapping. Now you can put data from any field on a Facebook Lead Ad form in any field in your Infusionsoft app so you can QUALIFY LEADS and create TARGETED CAMPAIGNS based Lead Ad inputs.

– We now store your most recent data map … ..

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Sync2CRM 2.0 - formerly SyncSumo - Infusionsoft Facebook Ad integration

Sync2CRM 2.0 Is Here

I am pleased to announce the release of Sync2CRM 2.0. This is a major release with tons of new features:

– Sexy new User Interface … re-designed from the ground up.
– The ability to connect multiple accounts to a single Sync2CRM account

Those are the two big and obvious things. But, beyond that, we added …

– Major architecture changes making syncs 3X faster to avoid conflicts and bottlenecks on larger lists
– The ability to see the details of and edit an existing sync profile
– A full featured settings area for managing your account
– Easier connection/reconnection of Facebook and Infusionsoft accounts
– Infusionsoft API … ..

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