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How To Pixel Links to External Sites You Share On Social Media

How To Pixel Links to External Sites You Share On Social Media

Pixel links to external sites that you share on social media … Grow your pixeled list faster and stop wasting all that time you spend posting links to other people’s sites on social media!

I looked and looked and looked for a way to pixel clicks on links to external sites that I shared on social media … For example, you post a link on your Facebook Page to an article on

You want to pixel anyone who clicks on that link, for obvious reasons. It is a warm lead, no different from someone who clicked a link to one … ..

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How To Get Facebook Ad Results Fast ROI Facebook Ads

Ep 12. – [EPIPHANY!] How To Get Facebook Ad Results … FAST!

I know the challenges small business owners have with Facebook advertising … because you have told me in the hundreds of free Facebook Ad Assessments I have offered.
They boil down to three things: 1) Time; 2) Return on Investment (ROI); and 3) Figuring out the Facebook ad platform itself. Right?
Well, what if I had an epiphany that just solved these problems for you?

What if I figured out how you can get great ROI, with very little risk, in very little time, and without having to figure out all of Facebook advertising all at once?

You’d want to know what it was, … ..

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Facebook Retargeting - What Marketers Need To Know Webinar

Facebook Retargeting … How To 3X Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Want To 3X Your Facebook Ad Campaigns? Try Facebook Retargeting!

How to improve ROI on Facebook ad spend is a question I’m asked all the time.

Here’s the answer … personalizing your ads using retargeting.

That is why I picked Facebook Retargeting as the topic for my latest Master Class.

3X? Really?

A newly released Benchmark Report just found using retargeting to personalize ads “has the proven power to deliver campaigns that are 3x as effective or, on the other end, decrease their ad spend by one-third.”

If you aren’t heavily invested in retargeting as a strategy, just think how much money you are leaving … ..

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Episode 11: How To Improve Your Facebook Relevance Scores

Ep 11. – How To Improve Your Facebook Relevance Scores

Wondering How To Improve Your Facebook Relevance Scores?
What if I could point you to one Facebook Ad Metric that would tell you whether your ad was going to rock? Or suck? Whether to scale it? Or kill it?

And what if, by understanding how this metric worked, you were able to manage to that metric to create consistently winning ads? Would you be interested?

If so, join me for this Episode of Kim Snider Live, where I will explain why Relevance Score should be your go-to metric, how to use it, and how to raise them so you can create consistent winners.

And … ..

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Facebook Ad Sets

Ep 10. – How To Run The Same Ad To Multiple Facebook Ad Sets

Wondering How To Run The Same Ad To Multiple Facebook Ad Sets?
Facebook has recently released a new update that makes it dead simple to run the exact same ad to different ad sets. This is a big deal because many of us have been jumping through hoops, using dark (unpublished) posts, to do this. And now it is dead simple. Just click a button and … Bam!

Maybe you are wondering why you wouldn’t just duplicate the ad in a different ad set? You could. But remember how Facebook is keeping score in the great Facebook Ad Game … Relevance Score.

If … ..

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Is Facebook ROI Real?

Ep 8. – Are Facebook Ads A Waste Of Money?

Is Facebook ROI Real?
Today’s topic is inspired by a comment on an obscure blog post I just happened across. The comment, in support of the view that Facebook ads are a scam, was, “[..] as FB member yourself, have you ever called or bought anything through one of the ads?”

Well that set me back a bit. Because for me, my immediate answer is no. And this is a common refrain heard from those who have been unsuccessful with their Facebook ad campaigns.

So, in this episode of Kim Snider Live, we will explore the question … Are Facebook Ads A Waste … ..

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