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Why Us?

Sync2CRM Compared To Competitors

Sync2CRM Compared To

Sync2CRM integrates with Infusionsoft by Keap, Active Campaign and MailChimp. ★

Facebook Custom Audience Sync Features

Instantly Sync Active Campaign and MailChimp Lists

Any contact that is added or removed from a list is instantly reflected in the corresponding Facebook Custom Audiences.

No matter how they are added, Sync2CRM will pick them up and sync them to the appropriate Facebook Custom Audience so you will INCREASE RELEVANCE AND CONVERSION and DECREASE WASTED AD SPEND.

Automatic 1 Hour Batch Sync of Infusionsoft by Keap Tags and Saved Searches

Sync2CRM batch syncs your Infusionsoft by Keap Tags and Saved Searches with Facebook Custom Audience once per hour so you can RUN LARGE CAMPAIGNS, like a launch for example, and KNOW you are putting the right message in front of the right person at the exact right time.

We batch sync rather than relying on campaign triggers for RELIABILITY. There is no HTTP POST to fail. And no contacts get missed because they weren’t in a specific campaign.

Matches Against All CRM Email and Phone Fields

Sync2CRM passes all CRM email and phone fields to Facebook for matching Custom Audiences so you get the ABSOLUTE HIGHEST POSSIBLE MATCH RATE. If there is data in your CRM that can be matched, we send it.

Connect Unlimited Facebook and CRM Accounts To Sync2CRM

We allow you to connect an UNLIMITED number of CRM and Facebook accounts to a single Sync2CRM app so you DON’T HAVE TO BUY MUTLIPLE SUBSCRIPTION for multiple clients or applications. As long as you are an Admin, you can connect it.

Facebook Lead Ad Features

Instant Facebook Lead Ad Migration

Sync2CRM grabs new leads from your Facebook Lead Ads and adds them immediately to the CRM of your choice so you can RESPOND WHEN THE LEAD IS HOTTEST! No CSV files to upload or download. All automatic.

Apply Tags To Incoming Leads

Sync2CRM allows you to choose a list, group, tag or tags to be applied to incoming leads so you can automatically SEGMENT INCOMING LEADS and TRIGGER AUTOMATION specific to that campaign or Lead Ad Form.

Instantly Add New Leads To Custom Audiences

Sync2CRM allows you to specify one or more Facebook Custom Audiences you want each incoming lead to be added to and that happens immediately. It does not wait for the next sync of that Custom Audience. That way you can BEGIN SHOWING THEM ADS IMMEDIATELY based on where they are in your funnel.

Advanced Custom Field Mapping

With Sync2CRM, you can put data from any field on a Facebook Lead Ad form in any field in your CRM so you can QUALIFY LEADS and create TARGETED CAMPAIGNS based Lead Ad inputs.

We now also store your most recent data map as the default for that page so each time you connect a new lead ad you SAVE TIME by not having to re-enter the same mapping. Just add any new fields or change the defaults.

Email Notification Of Incoming Leads

When you connect a new Lead Ad to Sync2CRM, you can choose to send an email notification with the new lead information to one or more email addresses. The subject line of the email is also editable so you can PARSE AND ROUTE EMAILS TO TEAM MEMBERS automatically using inbox filters or parsing software.

Double Check Process For Incoming Leads

Every hour we check in with Facebook for a list of all leads that should have been added to your CRM. Then we confirm they were. If any timed out (we’re looking at you Infusionsoft by Keap!), we catch them in our hourly sweep and add them. You will see these noted in your logs as ‘Sanity Check’!

Usability and Support

Business Hours

We believe in treating you exactly like we would want to be treated. You want help. You want answers. You want to be kept in the loop. And you want those from someone who is friendly and knowledgable.

Check out some of the responses to our support requests …

Everything looks great now. I have to say, I really appreciate your quick responses and timely updates. That rarely happens anymore. Thank you. -Ryan

Thank you so much for your team’s quick response! -Jess

Facebook Marketing Services For Small Business

Our clients use Sync2CRM to save time, get leads, and lower ad costs. You can do it all yourself or we can help do it for you. We’re self service, managed, or somewhere in between depending on the need.

Intuitive, Easy-To-Use, Professionally Designed User Interface

Sync2CRM was recently re-designed from top to bottom by a scratch UI designer so you can GET THINGS DONE quickly and easily. Our users tell us it is SLEEK, CLEAN, INTUITIVE and EASY TO USE.

That’s good … because that’s what we were going for!

Privacy and Security

Client Data Is Stored Only When Absolutely Necessary For Indexing

In most cases, there is NO NEED TO STORE YOUR DATA on our servers … so we don’t! But when we do …

We Use 256 Bit Encryption For Any Stored Client Data

The keys for 256 BIT ENCRYPTION and decryption are unique for each vault entry and are generated when the vault is created. But again, we purposefully store as little data as possible and GUARD IT LIKE FORT KNOX when we do.


Runs On 3 State-Of-The-Art Load Balanced Servers

You don’t really care what’s under the hood. You just want to know it works. So I’ll dispense with all the techno-jargon and tell you it runs on 3 servers that work together to provide SPEED, REDUNDANCY and RELIABILITY for your mission critical campaigns.

We are currently SYNCING OVER 4 MILLION CRM CONTACTS with Facebook Custom Audiences each and every day. You don’t pull that off with $20 servers and a little PHP!

App Is Monitored By Our Team 24/7/365

Sync2CRM is monitored by a member of our development team 24/7. If, for some reason we have an issue, YOU WON’T BE LEFT HANGING over a weekend or holiday. We are on it RIGHT AWAY.

App Servers Are Located For Proximity To CRM Data Centers

When you move as much data as we do, speed matters. Distance matters. Sync2CRM servers are located for proximity to the servers of our CRM partners to reduce the distance your data has to travel. This means your SYNCS COMPLETE FASTER which means LESS CHANCE OF ERRORS because of log jams.