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New Features in February Release of Sync2CRM

We have just released new features in Sync2CRM that we think you will really benefit from ...

- We have changed our free trial period for new users from 7 DAYS TO 30 DAYS. We want you to have ample time to implement the software and see its value.

- We added advanced Lead Ads Field Mapping. Now you can put data from any field on a Facebook Lead Ad form in any field in your Infusionsoft app so y...

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Compare the Top Infusionsoft by Keap to Facebook Automatic Sync Tools

If you are one of Infusionsoft by Keap's 30,000 thriving businesses, it's likely that you are also in need of driving new and fresh leads to your email automation powerhouse. Where do your customers hang out? Considering that there are 1.49 billion active Facebook users each month with over 2,000 saved data points per user...this is a huge opportunity to drive targeted traffic to your audience!...

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How To Create Infusionsoft by Keap and Facebook Ad Campaigns That Work Together To Increase Conversions and Lower Ad Costs

In this training, we are going to cover how to create Infusionsoft by Keap and Facebook Ad campaigns that work together to increase conversions and lower ad costs.

Time Stamped Index of the Video

0:01 - Welcome message 1:41 - Four pre-requisite concepts: 1. Pixels - 2. Custom Audiences - 3. What Sync2CRM does - 4. Leaky Buckets 2:10 - Facebook Pixel - a Facebook pixel to put onto your we...

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How To Create Digital Marketer’s 4 MUST HAVE Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences are the foundation of Facebook ad success.


The reason is simple: These audiences have already shown interest in your brand and offers by visiting your website or by joining your list. They are warm traffic. They are the low hanging fruit.


In the words of’s Molly Pittman: “Creating Custom Audiences is really the low-hangi...

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Sync2CRM 2.0 Is Here

I am pleased to announce the release of Sync2CRM 2.0. This is a major release with tons of new features:

- Sexy new User Interface ... re-designed from the ground up. - The ability to connect multiple accounts to a single Sync2CRM account

Those are the two big and obvious things. But, beyond that, we added ...

- Major architecture changes making syncs 3X faster to avoid conflicts and bot...

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5 Tips For Making Facebook Video Ads

Facebook video ads are amazing, because they can get you great exposure and clicks back to your website at a very low cost per click.

At the same time, it’s a pretty unique (and sometimes obscure) ad format...and there are a couple of things to consider when putting them together.

Read on to find out how you can make THE MOST out of your Facebook Video Ads, without wasting your time or m...

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