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Invest in Your Business

Ep 9. – 5 Questions To Ask Before You Invest In Your Business

What 5 Questions Should You Be Asking Before You Invest In Your Business

Today’s topic, 5 Questions To Ask Before You Invest In Your Business”, may seem a little far afield from Facebook advertising … but it’s really not. It’s actually right on topic.

Whether it is running or killing a Facebook ad campaign, paying for a course, subscribing to new software or buying a new computer …Nearly every day, an ad for this or an email for that or an idea from a friend tempts us to spend money in the name of our business.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “You have to spend money to … ..

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Can a simple soundbite improve your business?

Can a simple soundbite improve your business?

I LOOVE clarifying questions. They are like quotes, which I also love. They have a universality to them that is just so useful and elegant.

One of my favorites related to investing is, “What if?”

Consultants can make a career out of, “Tell me more about that …”

The other day I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, The Tim Ferriss Show, and he was talking about creativity and innovation and how to apply it.

And there it was …

“What would this look like if it were easier?”

My husband, Jim, was completely unimpressed. He said, “That is … ..

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Facebook Strategy

3 Actions You Should Take Today As A Result Of Facebook’s Latest Coup

Facebook recently released their earnings report for Q1 2016 and absolutely crushed analyst’s expectations.

This at a time when everyone else in their space (read Google, Twitter, etc) disappointed and had their shares punished.

While we, as small business marketers, don’t really care about most of what was in their earning report or call with analysts, there are a few take-aways that I thought were important …

More people continue to use Facebook:

✓ More than 1.65 billion people now use Facebook each month and 1.09 billion each day (up 16% compared to last year)

✓ More than 1.5 billion people accessed … ..

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How To Use SyncSumo To Automatically Sync Infusionsoft Data With Facebook Custom Audiences

How To Use Sync2CRM To Automatically Sync Infusionsoft Data With Facebook Custom Audiences

Way back then … who could’ve known?

The year was 2000 … an absolute eternity ago in this Internet age. Think about how the world of small business has changed since then.

How could we have possibly known, way back then, that leads that cost $100 – $200 a piece would cost as little as 20¢, just 15 years later? Or that many small businesses would be too busy working to look up and see the opportunity?

But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me first frame the problem …

Infusionsoft users, in my experience, fall into this trap time and time again:

1. They buy Infusionsoft without realizing … ..

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How to Speak CEO (Part 3) – Eat Your Own Cooking

In How to Speak CEO Part 3 – Are You Eating Your Own Cooking? Kim Snider – Infusionsoft’s 2014 Most Helpful Partner, talks to the audience about the importance of “practicing what you preach” as a business. From “big ideas” to “breaking the Tyranny of Urgent” Kim shows the audience what it takes to be more committed, more productive and, ultimately, more successful as a businessperson. … ..

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