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5 Powerful CRM Retargeting Ideas You Should Steal

by Kim Snider - Get free updates of new posts here

Very, very excited to have my article, 5 Powerful CRM Retargeting Ideas You Should Steal, published on yesterday.

The editors of Inbound were as thorough as my book publisher! LOL!

But I guess that is why Inbound is held in such high regard. They don’t take just anything and they make sure what they publish is highest quality.

In the article, I give an overview of CRM retargeting and why it’s so important to digital marketers. Then I give five ways you can immediately put CRM retargeting to work in your advertising strategy.

In a nutshell, CRM retargeting is targeting your ads using the data in your CRM or email marketing system, to show specific ads to a very specific group of people that Facebook (or Google) wouldn’t have been able to target otherwise.

With CRM retargeting, you can do things like:

    ⇒ Retarget based on segmentation data
    ⇒ Retarget based on funnel stage
    ⇒ Retarget ‘leaky buckets’
    ⇒ Retarget to create awareness and positive impressions
    ⇒ Retarget to re-engage

Online advertising is all about relevance. In the March 2016 Digital Connections study, 49% of consumers said they liked to receive ads that were relevant to them. They find it helpul. And 45% said that being approached with relevant offers makes them like a brand.

On the flip side of the coin, 49% will reject a company that bombards them with irrelevant advertising. That relationship is irreparably harmed.

In other words, targeted ads are now table stakes …

From your perspective as an advertiser, Facebook rewards you for relevance. The most important thing to Facebook is that users don’t get pissed off with the advertising they see. So they heavily incentivize advertisers in that direction.

Facebook’s business model is based on the fact that advertising can be helpful … even welcomed, when put in front of the exact right person at the exact right time. So not only will your ads work better, the more targeted they are, but Facebook will actually give you a cheaper price the more relevant they are.

The data locked away in your CRM is a key component to this sort of granular targeting that gets results.

In terms of levels of specificity, we are working our way down a continuum. First it was interest and demographic data. Then data from website pixels. And now we are on to data collected in your CRM.

That is exactly why I created Sync2CRM …

Sync2CRM automatically syncs Facebook Lead Ads and Custom Audiences with your CRM or email marketing software. If you are not already using Sync2CRM, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial here.

On the other hand, if you don’t have sound strategy for taking advantage of the Facebook phenomenon, then a software tool isn’t going to help. I just had this conversation with one of my coaching clients this morning …

Software is just a tool. It doesn’t sell anything any more than a hammer builds a house. Someone has to come up with a blueprint first. And then a human has to apply that tool to the building of the house.

On it’s own, the tool does nothing …

In my experience, a lot of you are putting the cart before the horse. You buy the tools without any clear blueprint.

That is why I have recently started offering coaching and consulting on a very limited basis. If that is of interest, you can find out more on my Services page … Or give me a call.

Hope that helps.

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