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Facebook Rolls Out Custom Audience Sharing … Whaaat?

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Custom audience sharing? For real?

Facebook quietly rolled a crazy new feature out of beta last week … custom audience sharing!

Quickly, in case you are fuzzy about custom audiences, a custom audience is just Facebook terminology for a list. So in Infusionsoft, for example, we use tags or Saved Searches to make lists. In Active Campaign, we use lists and tags. Same with MailChimp, etc.

Facebook can make Custom Audiences/lists from website pixel data, Facebook video views and third party CRM data – either uploaded by hand or synced with Sync2CRM.

And now … you can SHARE those Facebook lists with other Facebook users! How crazy is that?

To share a Facebook custom audience, go to Audiences in Business Manager, select an Audience, click the Actions dropdown, then Share.

You will get a pop-up box asking for the Account Name or ID you want to share with.

custom audience sharing

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Some notes about Custom Audience Sharing … I have not tested it. I am hearing it is only available if you have Business Manager set up. Would love for someone who doesn’t have Business Manager to confirm.

Also, the consensus is that you can share your list with anybody … they don’t have to be an admin on your page. If someone wants to send me their ad account ID we can test this.

But the real question is … what can you do with this?

Think about this …

Facebook has given you permission to re-target someone else’s list. That seems kind of crazy to me given Facebook’s Terms Of Service say you “should” have permission to market to any customer list you upload or sync from a third party source.

This seems totally contradictory to that.

I am really interested in your thoughts about how to use this functionality. I have posted this over in the new Facebook Group. Head over there to join the discussion.

Would y’all share your lists with me???? 😉

That was kind of a joke but here’s a random thought … I am working on a Facebook course to launch in June. I am going to be emailing a bunch of people looking for partners to co-promote.

So now, instead of just sending emails to your list, I can create ads, at my expense, with your and my branding, right? Maybe with your testimonial on the ad??? Your affiliate link?

Again, just thinking out loud about ways this can, will, should be used … thoughts?

BTW, if you are not using Facebook Custom Audiences, you are missing such a huge opportunity. And beyond just pixeled data, the information in your CRM or email platform is a treasure trove of data that should be used to segment and personalize your ads.

Remember the secret sauce in Facebook advertising is what? Relevance!

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