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Can a simple soundbite improve your business?

I LOOVE clarifying questions. They are like quotes, which I also love. They have a universality to them that is just so useful and elegant.

One of my favorites related to investing is, "What if?"

Consultants can make a career out of, "Tell me more about that ..."

The other day I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, The Tim Ferriss Show, and he was talking about creativity and in...

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3 Tricks to Improve Facebook Ads Images

I have been playing with the images in my ads lately, to see if I can improve Facebook ads and get some better click through rates. I have had some success so I thought I would share what I have done.

Here are 3 tricks that have been working well for me lately ...

1. Bright contrasting colors - I have a tendency to use duller colors. I read an article that said try making your images loud....

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[BOOK RECOMMENDATION] The Willpower Instinct

If you read my stuff regularly, you know I fill my "down time", like mowing and driving, with content. Yesterday I listened to The Willpower Instinct, by Kelly McGonigle. (aff link:

Given that time is the Small Small Business (SSB) owner's most precious resource, by far, then willpower and self-control is an extraordinarily important topic, as it will determine our use o...

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What Ziplines In Alaska Taught Me About Facebook Advertising

When I was running my investment firm day-to-day, we used to put together cruises for our clients. On our 2008 trip to Alaska, one of the excursions was the zip line at Icy Strait Point.

At about a mile long, it claims to be the longest zip line in the world. But more than the length, the vertical drop is 1,320 feet.

Top speeds are 60+ miles an hour, which you can control by opening and clo...

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Lead Ad Won’t Work? How To Test A Facebook Lead Ad

We have had a question come up several times over the last week in our Sync2CRM User Group and support about lead ads not working.

The issue is ... when you try to test the lead ad yourself, it goes directly to the website instead of popping up the Lead Ad form.

This 3 minute video explains the cause and the solution for this issue. Hopefully it will save others time figuring it out on thei...

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How to Create Facebook Ads That Stand Out? Use Power Editor

Last week I started running a quick survey to understand what were the biggest challenges or questions you had around Facebook advertising. If you haven't taken that 3 minute survey, I sure would appreciate it. You can find it here.

One of the questions I am seeing come up quite a bit is around the Facebook Power Editor. So quickly ...

What is the Facebook Power Editor and should you be usi...

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