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[Infusionsoft Hack] Add Infusionsoft Contact ID To 3rd Party Data

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How To Add Infusionsoft Contact ID to Excel File

Imagine you have data from somewhere other than Infusionsoft that you want to add to existing Infusionsoft contact records. To do that, you use Infusionsoft’s Data Cleanup function. Then ‘Modify Existing Records’.

The challenge is, to update a record, Infusionsoft requires the Contact Id. And because this is data from somewhere other than Infusionsoft, you don’t have Contact ID. So you need to add it as a column to your third party data file.

How do you do that?

You use two handy Excel functions that solve this problem in a jif. Here are the steps:

    1. Export your existing contacts from Infusionsoft

    Be sure to include contact ID and email address. In fact, when I do it, that is all I export because that is all I care about. We are going to match on email and append the contact ID. Everything else is extraneous.

    2. Open the CSV file in Excel, Numbers or Google Spreadhseets

    3. Copy and paste the third party data into the spreadsheet.

    I prefer to put them side by side, if the data isn’t voluminous. Just makes it easier to see when I am modifying my formula. If there is a lot of data, you can import it as its own tab. Either way.

    4. Add a column to the third party data for Contact ID

    5. In the first row of ContactID, add this formula:

    =INDEX(X:X, MATCH(Z2,Y:Y,0))


    X:X is the column in the Infusionsoft Export that contains Contact ID
    Z2 is the cell in that row of your third party data that contains the email address you are going to match on
    Y:Y is the column in the third party data that contains the matching email address

    6. Change those three values in the formula, as needed

    7. Confirm that it is pulling the correct Contact ID.

    8. Fill down the entire column to do the same for all the data.

As my dad would say, “This formula is handy as a pocket on a shirt!” Once you know it, you will find yourself using it over and over.

I have put together a video that walks you through it, just in case you are a visual learner, like me 🙂

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