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Add Infusionsoft Contact ID to CSV File

[Infusionsoft Hack] Add Infusionsoft Contact ID To 3rd Party Data

How To Add Infusionsoft Contact ID to Excel File

Imagine you have data from somewhere other than Infusionsoft that you want to add to existing Infusionsoft contact records. To do that, you use Infusionsoft’s Data Cleanup function. Then ‘Modify Existing Records’.

The challenge is, to update a record, Infusionsoft requires the Contact Id. And because this is data from somewhere other than Infusionsoft, you don’t have Contact ID. So you need to add it as a column to your third party data file.

How do you do that?

You use two handy Excel functions that solve this problem in a jif. Here … ..

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Infusionsoft Double Opt-ins That Don't Suck

Infusionsoft Double Opt-Ins That Convert

I could call this post “Infusionsoft Double Opt-Ins That Don’t Suck!”

Imagine this … You have put together the world’s most valuable lead magnet. You spent money on Facebook advertising to get a new contact to opt-in to your lead magnet. Then, being the good citizen that you are, you sent them a double opt-in request, and …


Frustrating, right?
You could be losing 80% – 90% of your opt-ins at the double opt-in step!
If you care about conversion, I am going to take you on a deep dive into an often overlooked – but costly – piece of our Infusionsoft marketing … ..

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Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Decision Diamond Date

Ninja Hack: Before/After Date In Decision Diamond

In a recent post to the IS Beginner Facebook Group, someone asked how to put a contact in a sequence based on when they were signing up. In other words, Joanne wanted the contact to go in one sequence if it was before a certain date and time and a different sequence if it was after that date and time.

The scenario was this: The campaign was registering people for a teleseminar. If they registered before the teleseminar had begun, they got a sequence with a number of emails, including reminders. If they registered shortly before or even after the teleseminar … ..

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Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

How Loops Work In Campaign Builder


If you do something more than three times, automate it.

I had heard this mantra before, in the halls of Infusionsoft. Jordan Hatch wrote a blog post recently called, “How To Get 1920 Minutes Of Your Life Back“, that gave some of the back story.

Jordan says:

The first thing you need to do is think about your day and make a list of the stuff you do more than 3 times – and the approximate number of times you do them per day, and how long it takes you to do it. […]

Now, take your list and do the math. … ..

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How Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Goals Work

How Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Goals Work

If you master the logic of Campaign Builder goals, you are half way toward mastering Campaign Builder.

If you master Campaign Builder, you are 80% of the way toward getting full value from Infusionsoft.

That may seem like an over-simplification but here’s the thing … whether you realize it or not, Campaign Builder is why you bought Infusionsoft. Everything else in Infusionsoft can be done some other way. In many cases better.

But the power of Infusionsoft is Campaign Builder ability to tie all those disparate pieces together with best of breed automation at a price that is affordable to small business.

Hence, my statement … if you can really and truly wrap your head around what I am going to show you, you will have reached a major milestone in understanding how Infusionsoft works.

Ready? … ..

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Creating a Template From A Broadcast

Creating A Template From A Broadcast


Have you ever created an email in the Infusionsoft email broadcast tool, sent it and then needed to send it again?

Well, that just happened to me the other day. I sent an email to all the new students in my Campaign Builder course, as an email broadcast. Then, a few hours later, we had one straggler sign up so I needed to send that same email to her. But I hadn’t saved it as a template.

Since I had sent myself some test emails before sending the broadcast, I could have just gone in my email and copy and pasted. But … ..

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