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How to Create Facebook Ads That Stand Out? Use Power Editor

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Last week I started running a quick survey to understand what were the biggest challenges or questions you had around Facebook advertising. If you haven’t taken that 3 minute survey, I sure would appreciate it. You can find it here.

One of the questions I am seeing come up quite a bit is around the Facebook Power Editor. So quickly …

What is the Facebook Power Editor and should you be using it?

Facebook says:

“Power Editor is a Facebook advertising tool designed for larger advertisers who need to create lots of ads at once and have precise control of their campaigns. […} If you don’t need to create hundreds of ads at scale, we recommend that you use ad creation.”

In other words, they are encouraging you to use their Ad Manager.

I disagree. I always use Power Editor and I am not creating hundreds of ads.

Here is why I think you should too …

As recently as 3 months ago, there were all kinds of features available in Power Editor that weren’t available in Ads Manager. Almost all of those have been included in Ads Manager.

So, for the moment, the differences between the two are minimal. By the time you read this, that may totally change again. Facebook changes things almost daily.

But regardless, I use it for these three reasons:

    1. More Text and Use of Special Characters – This is important. In Ad Manager, you ar limited to 25 characters in the headline and 90 characters of text. In Power Editor, you don’t have these limits. And you can use special characters in Power Editor to make your ads stand out, like punctuation (think [BLOG POST]) and emojis.

    2. Duplicating campaigns is easier – At least for me, I find duplicating things easier in Power Editor than in Ad Manager. Because it was designed originally for large advertisers to create bulk ads, this functionality is better. And I do a lot of duplicating, both for testing and templating.

    3. New Features First – When Facebook rolls out new features, they have historically rolled them out to Power Editor first. I would expect this to continue as they seem to use Power Editor users as an interim step between Beta and full release.

What you should know about Power Editor …

    1. It’s not hard. It’s just different – I think a lot of people shy away from Power Editor because they are intimidated by it. It is true it is not as “wizardy” as the Ad Manager. But Facebook have been making a lot of improvements to it lately.

    Once, someone explains it to you, (which I will do in detail in my soon-to-be-launched Facebook course 😉 ), it will make a lot more sense.

    2. It only works in Chrome – enough said there. I don’t know why. You’d have to ask Facebook that.

    3. Facebook has a good primer – if you are not familiar with Facebook Blueprint, it is the umbrella for all of Facebook’s free educational content. They have a good 15 minute primer on Power Editor, if all you need is an overview to get you started.

If you are not using Power Editor you are leaving money on the table …


Because we know that testing improves results. We know you should always run at least two versions of every ad and let Facebook optimize for the one that is working best. And we know both are easier with the ad duplication function in Power Editor.

We also know that in many tests, you can improve ROI by using long-form copy and special characters. Special characters are useful to make an ad stand out, look more like a regular post and make it feel friendlier.

More money left on the table …

Another example of leaving money on the table is uploading and downloading CSV files between your CRM and Facebook. Or worse … not taking advantage of Lead Ads and/or Customer List Custom Audiences.

Sync2CRM automatically handles both so you don’t ever have to upload or download another CSV file again. Nothing screams “Useless waste of time that should be automated” like “CSV file”!!!! If you aren’t a Sync2CRM users, register for your 30 day free trial today.

I’ve also recently started offering business coaching and consulting on a very limited basis. You can learn more about that at

Now Over To You …

Are you using Power Editor? Either way, let us know why in the comments below.

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