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Facebook Retargeting … How To 3X Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Want To 3X Your Facebook Ad Campaigns? Try Facebook Retargeting!

How to improve ROI on Facebook ad spend is a question I'm asked all the time.

Here's the answer ... personalizing your ads using retargeting.

That is why I picked Facebook Retargeting as the topic for my latest Master Class.

3X? Really?

A newly released Benchmark Report just found using retargeting to personalize ads ...

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Ep 11. – How To Improve Your Facebook Relevance Scores

Wondering How To Improve Your Facebook Relevance Scores? What if I could point you to one Facebook Ad Metric that would tell you whether your ad was going to rock? Or suck? Whether to scale it? Or kill it?

And what if, by understanding how this metric worked, you were able to manage to that metric to create consistently winning ads? Would you be interested?

If so, join me for this Episode o...

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Ep 10. – How To Run The Same Ad To Multiple Facebook Ad Sets

Wondering How To Run The Same Ad To Multiple Facebook Ad Sets? Facebook has recently released a new update that makes it dead simple to run the exact same ad to different ad sets. This is a big deal because many of us have been jumping through hoops, using dark (unpublished) posts, to do this. And now it is dead simple. Just click a button and … Bam!

Maybe you are wondering why you wouldn’...

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Ep 9. – 5 Questions To Ask Before You Invest In Your Business

What 5 Questions Should You Be Asking Before You Invest In Your Business

Today’s topic, 5 Questions To Ask Before You Invest In Your Business”, may seem a little far afield from Facebook advertising ... but it’s really not. It’s actually right on topic.

Whether it is running or killing a Facebook ad campaign, paying for a course, subscribing to new software or buying a new co...

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Ep 8. – Are Facebook Ads A Waste Of Money?

Is Facebook ROI Real? Today's topic is inspired by a comment on an obscure blog post I just happened across. The comment, in support of the view that Facebook ads are a scam, was, “[..] as FB member yourself, have you ever called or bought anything through one of the ads?"

Well that set me back a bit. Because for me, my immediate answer is no. And this is a common refrain heard from those wh...

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Ep7: 3 Stupid Facebook Ad Metrics That Need To Die

Why Most Facebook Ad Metrics Are Useless ... Today's topic, 3 Stupid Facebook Ad Metrics That Need To Die, is inspired by a recent post from Larry Kim, over on the Wordstream blog, called 6 Stupid Marketing Metrics That Need to Die.

So, in that vain, I am going to tell you which Facebook ad metrics are not just useless, but in the wrong hands can be downright dangerous, causing you to make poo...

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