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Ep 11. – How To Improve Your Facebook Relevance Scores

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Wondering How To Improve Your Facebook Relevance Scores?

What if I could point you to one Facebook Ad Metric that would tell you whether your ad was going to rock? Or suck? Whether to scale it? Or kill it?

And what if, by understanding how this metric worked, you were able to manage to that metric to create consistently winning ads? Would you be interested?

If so, join me for this Episode of Kim Snider Live, where I will explain why Relevance Score should be your go-to metric, how to use it, and how to raise them so you can create consistent winners.

And in this episode, I am going to show you exactly how its done.

Time Stamped Index Of Video

0:30 – Intro to episode 11!

0:52 – Topic introduction, what is the Facebook Relevance Score and how to raise it.

3:20 – How to find your Relevance Score.

4:00 – Access to the Cheatsheet:

5:02 – How to raise your Relevance Score.

5:32 – A graphic to explain Relevance Score.

7:00 – Questions to ask yourself to raise your score.

9:00 – Watch Kim’s latest masterclass:

10:20 – The answers to the questions on Relevance Score.

18:57 – Bonus tip to increase Relevance Score (Hint: Video!)

20:00 – Wrap up on the main points of this broadcast.

21:20 – Feel free to ask a question and Kim will answer!

Looking For The Step-By-Step Guide?

In this week’s Episode #11 Cheatsheet, I have rounded up all the notes, links and resources from the broadcast PLUS the checklist I use myself for improving low relevance scores.

To download the cheatsheet, click the image below.

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