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The Entrepreneur Scorecard

I was honored to be asked to do another Biz Booster webinar for Infusionsoft. This is my fifth one.

The first three were a series called How To Speak CEO. You can find those videos here, here and here.


My title assumes you want to grow something: revenue, profit or time. If you have no interest in any of those growing then this is probably not going to be all that interesting....

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5 Reasons Why You NEED To Be Using Facebook Ads If You Own a Small Business

Did you know that 1 million small and medium businesses advertise on Facebook? Or that a huge 2.5 million advertisers use the social networking platform to attract new customers, engage with their audience and generate high-quality leads? Yet millions of local businesses are still not using the social giant to its full potential - despite the numerous benefits it provides.

As of September 2015,...

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How Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Goals Work


If you master the logic of Campaign Builder goals, you are half way toward mastering Campaign Builder.

If you master Campaign Builder, you are 80% of the way toward getting full value from Infusionsoft.

That may seem like an over-simplification but here's the thing ... whether you realize it or not, Campaign Builder is why you bought Infusionsoft. Everything else in Infusionsof...

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How to Speak CEO (Part 3) – Eat Your Own Cooking

Summary: In How to Speak CEO Part 3 – Are You Eating Your Own Cooking? Kim Snider – Infusionsoft's 2014 Most Helpful Partner, talks to the audience about the importance of “practicing what you preach” as a business. From “big ideas” to “breaking the Tyranny of Urgent” Kim shows the audience what it takes to be more committed, more productive and, ultimately, more successful as...

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