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How Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Goals Work

by Kim Snider - Get free updates of new posts here


If you master the logic of Campaign Builder goals, you are half way toward mastering Campaign Builder.

If you master Campaign Builder, you are 80% of the way toward getting full value from Infusionsoft.

That may seem like an over-simplification but here’s the thing … whether you realize it or not, Campaign Builder is why you bought Infusionsoft. Everything else in Infusionsoft can be done some other way. In many cases better.

But the power of Infusionsoft is Campaign Builder ability to tie all those disparate pieces together with best of breed automation at a price that is affordable to small business.

Hence, my statement … if you can really and truly wrap your head around what I am going to show you, you will have reached a major milestone in understanding how Infusionsoft works.


☞ Watch the video above

The basic logic of Campaign Builder goals is this ….

  1. A goal is a listener. It sits and listens, every second of every day, for the configured event to happen. That may be a tag being applied, a form being filled out a purchase made or any other number of things.
  2. When a goal is triggered by its event, every action to the left of the goal is cancelled and whatever is to the immediate right starts.

If you are struggling with this logic at all, or you are new to Campaign Builder, my best recommendation is to not just watch the video but to build the campaign, as I did and run it. Change the timers and actions as necessary until you feel like you understand the behavior well.

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