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Kim Snider

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What If You Had To Unplug From Your Business For An Entire Month?

Close your eyes and imagine that for a minute. Could you do it? What would happen? This is a great focus question. But for me, it is suddenly more than a hypothetical ... Do You Have A Lifestyle Business? My business is a lifestyle business. So were the other nine businesses I have started. I bet yours is too, whether you call it that or not.

I break small businesses into two categories: life...

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How To Create Automated, Signed, Infusionsoft Contracts

There are any number of ways to get data out of Infusionsoft, into a signed contract and back into the contact's Infusionsoft filebox, as a signed PDF. However, at the time we first came up with this solution, API access to the document signing services was crazy expensive. So, we created this as an inexpensive workaround. If you don't care about the signature, it's even cheaper.

(NOTE: This so...

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