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Creating A Template From A Broadcast

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Have you ever created an email in the Infusionsoft email broadcast tool, sent it and then needed to send it again?

Well, that just happened to me the other day. I sent an email to all the new students in my Campaign Builder course, as an email broadcast. Then, a few hours later, we had one straggler sign up so I needed to send that same email to her. But I hadn’t saved it as a template.

Since I had sent myself some test emails before sending the broadcast, I could have just gone in my email and copy and pasted. But that isn’t very efficient. So here is what I figured out …

  1. Go to the Email Batch report for the broadcast email.
– If you just sent it recently, the quick way it to click View Report in the dashboard widget
– If it has been awhile, go to Main Nav -> Marketing -> Reports -> Email Broadcasts, put in the date range, find the broadcast and click View in the View Report columnInfusionsoft Email Broadcast Report


  1. In the Email Information section, click the “Save this batch as a new email” template link


  1. Give the new template a name
  1. Your newly saved templates can now be found in the Template Library by going to Main Nav -> Marketing -> Templates

You can use this new template to send an individual email, another broadcast or in Campaign Builder.

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