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Why Sync2CRM Is Best Infusionsoft by Keap ⇄ Facebook Integration

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Over the weekend, it occurred to me I have been pretty quiet about our Sync2CRM app over the last few months.

So, lest you think we haven’t been doing anything with it, let me give you an update and invite you to an Ask Me Anything over in the Facebook Group tomorrow …

What We Have Been Working On …

For the last several months, we have been pouring time (and money) into making Sync2CRM the most robust and reliable option for syncing Infusionsoft and Facebook ad data.

Why so long and so much time for something so seemingly simple?

Well, Infusionsoft has … how shall we say … quirks. Issues. Challenges, really … because of the way it is built … that cause it to be very unreliable to integrate with.

I won’t bore you with the technical details. But the gist is things that shouldn’t fail or should be simple and quick regularly do with Infusionsoft.

So, to do the job properly requires architecture and backups and retries and double-check processes that are not necessary with other integrations. And those have to be scalable as we add new users.

We have specifically chosen a strategy with Sync2CRM of “a mile deep and an inch wide” rather than the “mile wide and inch deep” approach of our competitors. Because, to support Infusionsoft, at least, demands that.

So with that finally buttoned up …

We’ve Turned On Auto-Upgrade/Downgrade Functionality…

I sent out several emails last month to let everyone know about our new auto-upgrade/downgrade policy. That has now gone into effect.

Related to that, since your plan now automatically adjusts to the number of contacts and leads processed each month, you now need only three options for managing your plan:

⇒ Upgrade to a plan that includes Lead Ads AND Custom Audiences if you are currently on the Lead Ad Only plan


⇒ Downgrade to the Lead Ad Only plan if you are currently on a plan that includes both Lead Ads AND Custom Audiences


⇒ Cancel your account at the end of the upcoming billing period.


I don’t like surprises. I am sure you don’t either. So I have done several things to make sure you stay fully informed about the status of your account and any imminent charges:

⇒ The number of contacts connected to your account and plan limits is now displayed front and center on your Account page


⇒ Emails are now sent 3 days before each renewal date, detailing the amount that will be charged to your card

Give Us A Review? Link

I have also added a new link for you to leave Reviews and Feedback. Your positive reviews are so helpful to others trying to decide if Sync2CRM is right for them. But your feedback is also helpful in making Sync2CRM better and charting its future course.


Speaking Of Which … What’s Coming Next?

My plan now is to really focus on getting our Active Campaign integration fully built out. As an Active Campaign user myself, there are some things I know it needs to do that it doesn’t.

Other than that, where we go from here will largely be determined by your feedback and reviews. So, in that vein …

Ask Me Anything About Sync2CRM

I would like to invite you to a live Ask Me Anything about Sync2CRM, Tuesday, Sept 20 at 2PM Eastern, over in the Facebook Group.

This will be a live Q&A and I will cover absolutely anything and everything you want to ask about Sync2CRM and Facebook marketing.

So get your questions ready and meet me in the Facebook Group tomorrow …

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