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5 Amazing Facts You MUST Know About Facebook Advertising

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Do you know you need to get started with Facebook Advertising but just hasn’t been a priority yet? Maybe this will help …

I am very pleased to have a post I wrote, 5 Amazing Facts You MUST Know About Facebook Advertising, published today on the Cision Blog. Follow the link to read the entire post.

Executive summary:

FACT #1 – Facebook has over 1 billion daily active users who, on average, log on 15 times a day and spend 20 minutes browsing, watching videos and interacting with relevant and interesting content! For U.S. users, it’s 40 minutes!

FACT #2 – Facebook collects something like 10,000 data points on each and every user. No one knows the exact number. But it is staggering.

FACT #3 – Organic reach has declined from 16% in 2012 to 2%. This is a measure of the number of people who will see your post in their newsfeed without any paid placement.

FACT #4 – Facebook’s ad platform offers over 10,000 data points for ad targeting.

FACT #5 – Facebook earned 3.69 billion in profit in 2015.

Taken together, here is what these mean to you …

No matter what you sell or who you sell it to, in and amongst those 1 billion daily active users is a critical mass of your target audience. And no where else are they so reachable, en masse, at such a low cost.

Facebook’s whole reason for being is to take your ad and put it in front of the one person, from amongst that 1 billion, who is going to be happiest to see it and most likely to take action on it. The more data they collect, the more successful they can be at match-making.

With mass media, there are only so many 30 second spots in an hour or so many placements on a page. Because of limited supply and broad targeting, these ads are very expensive.

In contrast, because Facebook can target so precisely, it has, in theory, an unlimited ad inventory. As a result, ads are very, very low cost and return on ad spend is much higher.

Facebook advertising gives anyone the ability to put their content in front of the exact right audience, at the exact right time, at a very attractive price.

If your job is to create brand awareness, thought leadership, or leads and you are not using Facebook advertising, the case to get started now is a no-brainer.

There is a reason Facebook makes all that money. It is because Facebook advertising works.

Your Turn .. Let’s Discuss

How much Facebook advertising do you do? If none? Would love to know what questions you have about Facebook advertising and/or great examples/ideas that would help others …


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