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Ep6: Why You Shouldn’t Outsource Facebook Marketing Services

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Why You Shouldn’t Outsource Facebook Marketing Services

Have you tried to outsource your Facebook Marketing Services? Thought about it?

In this episode of Facebook Live with Kim Snider, I will tell you why I believe you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT outsource your Facebook Marketing Services. I know this is likely to be somewhat controversial. But listen to the entire episode before you tune me out. Then decide if you agree.

Time Stamped Index Of Video

0:05 – Start and topic introduction

1:58 – Episode Cheatsheet information –

3:18 – Why you shouldn’t outsource Facebook Marketing, body start.

6:20 – Facebook is trial and error, a reason to not outsource

9:22 – The numbers and costs involved in outsourcing

11:08 – The issues with Facebook Marketing Services, statistics.

13:02 – What if I don’t have the time or confidence to market on my own?

15:52 – Kim shares how she does her Facebook marketing

18:50 – You don’t have a business if you can’t bring in clients at a profit

22:28 – When should you hand off your role as a Facebook marketer

24:12 – Real world examples of handing off your main role

25:40 – Questions and Answers

27:00 – Software recommendations

33:40 – Summary

34:00 – EndingGet The Cheatsheet and How-To For This Episode

In this week’s cheatsheet, you get all the notes from the video about why I don’t think you should outsource your Facebook Marketing Services. And, as an EXTRA BONUS, not included in the broadcast, I am going to share with you five facts about Facebook that will be blow your mind and what I think they mean for small business.

To download the cheatsheet, click the image below.


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