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Ep 8. – Are Facebook Ads A Waste Of Money?

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Is Facebook ROI Real?

Today’s topic is inspired by a comment on an obscure blog post I just happened across. The comment, in support of the view that Facebook ads are a scam, was, “[..] as FB member yourself, have you ever called or bought anything through one of the ads?”

Well that set me back a bit. Because for me, my immediate answer is no. And this is a common refrain heard from those who have been unsuccessful with their Facebook ad campaigns.

So, in this episode of Kim Snider Live, we will explore the question … Are Facebook Ads A Waste Of Money? Do a few people just get lucky? Or lie?

Turns out … it is a VERY instructive exercise …

Time Stamped Index Of Video

0:23 – Topic Introduction: A Question from a Facebook Post: Are Facebook Ads a Scam?

2:43 – Go to to get the cheatsheet for this episode!

4:12 – Main content start, has Kim actually bought anything from a Facebook Ad?

9:10 – Kim’s points on why Facebook Ads aren’t a scam.

11:00 – Do Facebook Advertisers get a positive ROI?

12:00 – How does the research on digital marketing show the outcomes of Facebook Ads?

16:31 – Marketing builds a relationship through Facebook, not direct sales.

18:20 – Facebook ad records are not tracked efficiently by many

21:44 – You have to market for the long haul, sales aren’t usually immediate

25:25 – The key takeaways from this Facebook Live video

26:50 – Live questions!

31:45 – Conclusion and thank you!

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Facebook Ad Metrics

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