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Sync Fails When Using an Infusionsoft Saved Search

by Kim Snider - Get free updates of new posts here

Some time ago, Infusionsoft reduced the time limit on their API calls. The effect was to render Saved Searches virtually impossible to work with via API because they always time out.

We don’t have any good answers other than:

1) wherever possible, sync tags instead of saved searches and then combine the tags in your ad targeting or a custom audience created just for that purpose; and
2) reduce any saved searches to the tiniest query possible, meaning the fewest number of filters and columns

There are lots of complaints about this in the Infusionsoft API help forums but Infusionsoft has said they cannot go back to the longer TTLs.

Then you also have to be careful on the Facebook side… because they recently implemented a limit on how many times you can update a custom audience. And that is across the entire ad account. And they won’t tell you what the exact number is! ?

So, when you are creating the new tag audiences:

1) don’t add gratuitous custom audiences you don’t need;
2) keep the refresh rate as long as reasonable (i.e. don’t default to 1 hour if you don’t need that often); and
3) don’t do large pulls like “All contacts” unless you truly need them.