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Sync Fails When Using a Saved Search

by Kim Snider - Get free updates of new posts here

Unfortunately, Infusionsoft’s saved searches don’t play that well with their API, especially if there are a lot of contacts and/or a complex set of criteria. If the saved search has too much data, the query to Infusionsoft will time out.

Best practices when using Infusionsoft Saved Searches in Sync2CRM:

1. If a tag will do the job, that is always more efficient than a Saved Search
2. Create Saved Searches specifically for Sync2CRM rather than using one you already have
3. Include only email as the field being returned and make the query as simple as possible while still getting to the contacts you need

If you receive a notice from us that your sync has failed for this reason and you have done all these things, please contact Support so we can work with you on the search to see if there is some way to trim it down.