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3 Unbreakable Facebook Ad Rules

by Kim Snider - Get free updates of new posts here

In this video, I talk about 3 Unbreakable Rules for Facebook Ads. These are Facebook Ad mistakes I see small businesses make, all the time, in their Facebook campaigns.

I will show you why you should always run 2 ads against one another, never just a single ad in an ad set. We will look at ad objectives and which one to pick. And finally, a simple rule about custom audiences that will save you money and keep you from ruining your credibility with your prospect.

In case you would like to skip ahead, the rules and their spots in the timeline are:

(1:05) Rule #1 – Always run two ads against one another
(3:41) Rule #2 – Always choose the correct objective for a campaign
(5:15) #3 … If you include, exclude

The funny thing is, there was supposed to be a different Rule #3. I thought of it one day, didn’t write it down, forgot it, came up with this one instead … and never have remembered the original Rule #3.
It’s driving me crazy! (Getting old sucks!)

So what do you think? What are some others that aren’t on this list? Maybe one of them will be my forgotten Rule #3!!!

Leave your thoughts and comments below or hop over to the Facebook Ad Questions Facebook Group and join in the discussion there …

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