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Kim’s Infusionsoft course fills in the gaps. She presents it in a logical and well-planned sequence.

“Before taking this course with Kim I had worked in IS for a few months. Some of my knowledge came from other courses. Kim’s course was presented in a logical, well planned sequence which filled the gaps in my knowledge and made me say Ah, ha. Now I get it! I anxiously awaited for each session so I could continue to understand the basics. Now I am able to confidently market my skills as an Infusionsoft VA for those who are seeking help on the basic level and then some. This course is a must for anyone starting out in Infusionsoft.”

Christine Rothdeutsch

Virtual Asisstant
Your VA From PA

Kim Snider is one of the most talented Infusionsoft coaches I know. She trains beginners and experts, alike.

“Kim Snider is one of the most talented Infusionsoft coaches I know. When I managed the Certified Partner Program at Infusionsoft, I would call on her to help teach our entire partner ecosystem the nuances of the software. I knew that her engaging approach to teaching coupled with her mastery of Infusionsoft would provide value to all of our partners. She takes the time to explain how things work through the eyes of a beginner, yet, due to her mastery, she can teach beginners and experts alike. I highly recommend her training courses. With Kim backing it, you’re value will absolutely exceed your investment.” 

Brian Jambor

Director, Partner Marketing
Brian Jambor - Infusionsoft

Kim’s Infusionsoft training is one of the most valuable I’ve taken. Run to sign up!

“Wowee Zowee! Run to sign up for Kim Snider’s Infusionsoft course. Kim has incredible knowledge of Infusionsoft, API and 3rd party integrations. She’s very generous in sharing her own business experiences. This was one of the most valuable classes I’ve ever taken and a lot of fun, too. Don’t miss out! I’ll be using my new skills to Automate Early and Often for all my clients!”

Cindy Morus

Infusionsoft Certified Partner
Cindy Morus

Kim is kind, generous, and fun; a natural at teaching Infusionsoft. I highly recommend Kim Snider for all things Infusionsoft!

“I recently completed live training with Kim Snider. I thoroughly enjoyed this class from beginning to end. It was a lot to learn in a short time and well worth it. In fact, I’ll be taking her next level of training which will focus on the Campaign Builder. I enjoyed the class for several reasons. First, Kim is well organized and thorough. Each week she provided us with a complete and downloadable outline of everything we would cover for each of the 9 days of instruction. I would review the outline before class, go through it during class and then use it as a guide when I re-watched the course videos and did my homework. Second, she provided homework each session which helped us to put into play what we learned.

These simple exercises were key to me learning a lot in a short amount of time. Kim also provided us access to the video replays so I was able to not only attend live, but also rewatch the videos again before the next session. Kim is a natural when it comes to teaching this subject. She’s kind, generous and fun and she genuinely cares about helping others learn Infusionsoft. And, having the InfusionSoft sandbox to experiment with was an added bonus and helped me learn the application faster. I can’t say enough good things about Kim, her knowledge, her teaching style and her all-around, kind, considerate and friendly personality. It all matters when you’re learning something like Infusionsoft. I also can’t thank her enough for taking a complex subject and breaking it down into easily understandable modules. I think there was just the right amount of material covered in this course, although I know none of the members of my class wanted it to end.

Fortunately, we have the next course to look forward to. As we finished up our last module the other day and I opened the Infusionsoft sandbox to complete my final homework, I thought back to my first day inside the application and how much I learned since then. It really seemed daunting in the beginning. Attending Kim’s course and completing my homework not only gave me a wonderful introduction to Infusionsoft, it also provided me with a strong foundation and confidence for future learning. Thank you Kim! Bottom line: I highly recommend Kim Snider for all things Infusionsoft!

Tara Kachaturoff

Small Business Coach . Consulting . Business Services
Creator, Producer & Host Michigan Entrepreneur TV
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