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Lead Ad: Add A Hard Coded Value To A Field

by Kim Snider - Get free updates of new posts here

In addition to the values from your Facebook Lead Ad form, you can also add hard-coded values to any field in your CRM. This is useful when, for example, you might want to hard-code the name of the Lead Ad in the Lead Source field for tracking purposes.

1 – On the Dashboard Profiles tab, click ‘Create New’:
Step 1 - Create sync profile for lead ad

2 – In the Create Wizard, choose ‘Facebook Lead Ad’ from the dropdown:
Step 2 - Choose Facebook Lead Ad

3 – In Step 2 of the Create Wizard, select your Facebook account from the left dropdown:
Step 3 - Choose Facebook Ad Account

4 – Choose the CRM you will sync the leads to in the right dropdown:
Step 4 - Choose Facebook Ad Account

5 – In Step 3 of the Create Wizard, choose the Lead Ad form and the list you will add the lead to:
Step 5 - Choose Facebook Ad Account

6 – In Step 4 of the Create Wizard, map the Lead Ad fields to CRM fields and click ‘Add Mapping’ after each one:
Step 6 - Choose Facebook Ad Account

7 – To hard code a value, choose ‘Specific Text’ from the left drop-down:
Step 7 - Choose Facebook Ad Account

8 – Choose the CRM field you want the hard-coded value to appear in and click ‘ Add Mapping’:
Step 8 - Choose Facebook Ad Account

9 – A box will appear in the left column of the Field Mapping:
Step 9 - Choose Facebook Ad Account

10 – Add the text you want to appear in that field for each contact added from this Lead Ad and click ‘Continue’:
Step 10 - Choose Facebook Ad Account

11 – The sync profile is set up and ready to receive contacts from your Facebook Lead Ad:
Step 11 - Choose Facebook Ad Account

12 – You can test your Facebook Lead Ad by going here. Select the Page and Form. Click ‘Preview Form’.
Step 12 - Choose Facebook Ad Account

13 – Submit test data:
Step 13 - Choose Facebook Ad Account

14 – You will see the Lead Ad data in the Contact record, including the hard-coded value:
hard-code values in Facebook Lead Ad

… And you will see the count on Contacts increment:
Facebook Lead Ads