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Weekly Sync2CRM User Group

Why is Facebook Retargeting such an important topic, right now?

Studies show only 2% of first time site visitors are ready to buy

Facebook Retargeting is THE hot thing right now because it offers a way to nurture, engage and ultimately convert the other 98%.

64% of marketers plan to increase their retargeting budget this year

And no wonder … AdRoll reports its clients are earning $10 for every $1 spent on retargeting!

But who has time to figure it all out?

Join us for our NEW Weekly User Group

So you can …

    ⇒ Always be up-to-date on recent, relevant Facebook news and updates
    ⇒ Learn something new when we dive into the Topic Of The Week
    ⇒ Get answers to your questions (or help answer someone else’s)
    ⇒ Get ideas from other member’s best swipes, examples and wins for the week

Weekly User Group Format

Weekly workshops are held Mondays from 11AM – Noon Eastern Time via GoToWebinar

    Weekly Agenda

      ✔ Up to 15 minutes for What’s New (and relevant) to our members this week
      ✔ 30 minutes for the Topic of the Week
      ✔ 15 minutes for “Show and Tell” and/or Q&A

    Topic of the Week

      ✔ How-tos
      ✔ Strategies
      ✔ Best Practices
      ✔ Software and Tools

    Workshops Are Participatory

      Topics – Members are strongly encouraged to submit topics they would like to either hear about or present

      “Show and Tell” – Members sharing with each other cool strategies or ads they saw or heard about as well as personal wins

      Q&A – Opportunity to ask any and all questions related to Facebook Retargeting and Marketing

Private Member’s Area

Recordings of workshops will be archived and available to members in a private area of our website

Private Facebook Group

COMING SOON – Members will have exclusive access to a private community of their peers as well as Sync2CRM’ers.

“What A Great Resource This Is!”

You’ll definitely want to ride the wave of this new trend … effortlessly stay on top of what is new and emerging in terms of latest strategies, best practices and tools so that you can increase leads, conversions and ROI.

As a strategy, Facebook Retargeting is still new enough you can enjoy outsized return on investment of time and money by being in the Early Majority …

How To Get Access

The NEW Weekly Facebook Retargeting Workshop is included with most Sync2CRM Plans. Already a Sync2CRM user? Register here and email me a topic you’d really like to know more about, while you are at it.

Not already a Sync2CRM user? Sign up for a free 30 day trial today.